About this site

This site is written in German - mainly. Only very few known ancestors emigrated therefore the 'target group' is German speaking. 

The aim of this site is to present my genealogical research to a broader audience. Starting with my 2 kids (Thomas and Yvonne) I researched their ancestors as far back as possible (the Breitwieser-line goes back to about 1600, Reisinger to about 1560!) and to follow all descendants till present time. Of course, not all the research is completed yet. So far about 5200 persons with about 1800 unique surnames are included in these 6 (& 1/2) mayor lines (including the ancestors of my two kids).

Nov. 2012 my son became father. The line of his wife ('Jungert') is also included.

In Sept. 2016 my daughter married in Australia. 4 years later she became mother.
The line of her husband ('Faria') is also included.

To develop the pages a English utility was used. Therefore you will find quite a lot of 'anglicism' throughout the pages. It was/is not my intention to remove them.


Mayor lines are:


my father-in-law

Wilhelm Bindeus (*1932)

Geographical focus:

The geographical focus is Upper Austria (northern part - Haslach, Helfenberg, Rohrbach, St. Peter/Wimberg and St. Johann/Wimberg - as well as the districts of Linz, Grieskirchen, Wels and Eferding) with some branching out to Vienna, Styria and Carinthia. A few relatives are living in Germany, Russia, Swiss and U.S.A.

All individuals are listed under their 'birth-name'
(also married persons)

The main-index of each branch should read:

'Kurzbiographie' = 'Short Biography' (German only!)

'Nachnamensliste' = 'List of Surnames' (German & English)

'Namensindex' = 'Index of Names' (surnames & given names in German & English)

'Quellen' = 'Sources (Bibliography)' (German & English)


my father

Franz Breitwieser (*1924)


my mother-in-law

Mathilde Bindeus (*1929), geb. Reisinger


my mother

Stephanie Breitwieser (*1933), geb. Wagner

Thomas and Yvonne

ancestors of my kids

Thomas Breitwieser (*1983) Yvonne Breitwieser (*1991)


my grandson

Kilian Alexander Jungert (*2012)


Yvonne's husband

Sophia Rose Faria (*2020)